Elected Officials

Geoff Dean, Ventura County Sheriff
Das Williams, California State Assemblymember
Julia Brownley, California State Assemblymember
Linda Parks, Ventura County Supervisor
John Zaragoza, California State Assemblymember
Bill Fulton, Former Ventura Mayor of Ventura
Brian Brennan, Ventura City Councilmember
Maricela Morales, Former Mayor of Port Hueneme
Carl Morehouse, Ventura City Councilmember
Irene Pinkard, Oxnard City Councilmember
Carmen Ramírez, Oxnard City Councilmember
Jane Tolmach, Former Mayor of Oxnard
Betsy Clapp, Mayor of Ojai
Paul Blatz, Mayor Pro Tem of Ojai
Carol Smith, Ojai City Councilmember
Carlon Stoebel, Ojai City Councilmember

School Officials

Dr. Trudy Arriaga, Superintendent of Schools, Ventura Unified School District
Jeff Baarstad, Superintendent of Schools, Conejo Unified School
Dr. Hank Bangser, Superintendent of Schools, Ojai Unified School District
Barbara Fitzgerald, Board Trustee, Ventura Unified School District
Dr. Robert Fraisse, Former Superintendent of Schools, Conejo Unified School District
Debbie Golden, Board Member, Ventura Unified School District
Mary Haffner, Board Member, Ventura Unified School District
Rikki Horne, Board Member, Ojai Unified School District
Velma Lomax, Board Member, Ventura Unified School District
Stanley C. Mantooth, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Pauline Mercado, Board Trustee, Ojai Unified School
Kathi Smith, Board Member, Ojai Unified School District
Mindee Stekkinger, Board Member, Briggs School District
Linda Taylor, Board Member, Ojai Unified School District
Eleanor Torres, Board Member, El Rio School District
Thayne Whipple, Board Member, Ojai Unified School District


Ventura County Star
Sierra Club  – Los Padres Chapter
Ventura Sierra Club
Ventura County Democratic Party
SEIU 721
Tri-Counties Central Labor Council
Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation
Ventura Breeze
Ventura Reporter

Other Endorsers

Richard Abbott
Lisa & John Adair
Al and Marilyn Adam
Robert and Carole Adams
Tucker Adams
Dixie Adeniran
Peter and Virginia Aguirre
Michael Akseven
Joan & Willis Allen
Raul and Hildegard Alvarado
Art Amelio
Vitoria Ammons
David and Maureen Anderson
Martin Anderson
Shawn Andrews
Tia Andrews
Lupe Anguiano
Tom Archbald
Dr. Trudy Arriaga
Pat and Eddie Arkin
Kurt and Claudia Armann
Brook and Ev Ashworth
Tina and Andy Atkins
Jon & Hope Avery
Jeff Baarstad
Betsy Bachman
Patti Bagley
Russ and Pat Baggerly
Richard & Cheryl Baldwin
Dr. Hank Bangser
Dr. Lois Barnes
Margie Barrington
Ted and Carol Bartell
Michael Barton
Bob and Lynn Bartosh
Jay and Gail Bartow
John Battel
Cornelia Bauer
Ken and Susan Bauer
Chuck Bauman
Dave Bauman
Ted & Carol Bartell
Michael Barton
Bob and Lynn Bartosh
Jay and Gail Bartow
John Battel
Dr. Greg and Kate Bayless
Gary & Karen Bednorz
Susan Bee
June and Shed Behar
Robert L. Beilin, PhD
Richard & Sharon Bellman
Maryellen Benedetto
George Berg and Gail Topping
Jane Berscheidt
Tom and Shirley Bertolino
Diane Bertoy
Bonnie Biddison
Claudia Bill-de la Peña and Ron de la Peña
Rick Bisaccia
Betty Black
Ojai Mayor Pro Tem Paul Blatz
Rose Boggs
Chris Bohney
Chris and Jill Borgeson
John Borneman
Frank & Linda Boross
Caryn Bosson
Ron Bottorff
Claire Bovee
John Bowman
John and Cherie Brant
Elaine Braybrooks
Vickie and Dan Breen
Kathy Bremer
Ventura Councilmember Brian Brennan
John and Kathy Broesamle
Assemblymember Julia Brownley
Karen Brinkley
Henry and Margaret Brodkin
Gregory S. Brown
Lorraine Brown
Mary Lou and Michael Brown
Michelle and Ed Buchman
Ed and Ginny Buckle
Mark and Penny Burley
Lisa Burton
Joanne Bury
Matthew Byme
Sarie Bryson
Judy Bysshe
Myrna and Jim Cambianica
Mary Ann Cambell
Peter Cannon
Ruth Capelle
Craig Carlyle
Burt and Lanae Carter
Sheri Ann Cate
Nancy Celniker
Susan Chapin
Charles and Betty Chapman
Carolyn Chase
Larry and Michelle Chason
Kim Chernofsky
Norene and Kim Chernofsky
Amy Cherot
Bob and Paula Chianese
Yvon and Malinda Chouinard
James and Frances Christiansen
Richard Churchill
Marc Chytilo
Ojai Mayor Betsy Clapp
Don and Sheila Cluff
Robert and Barbara Coit
Charles and Marjerie Cole
Rick Cole
Takako Coleman
Roger Conrad
Donald and Carolyn Cook
Mindy Cooper-Smith
Michael and Maryann Cord
Doris Cowart
Byron Cox
Jo Cox
Joe Connett
Michael Crooke
Joanne Cunningham
Donna Dahlstrom-Rabe and Barry Rabe
Patrick Daley and Jean Palmer-Daley
Wilma Dasche-Melville
Alan Davidson
Patrick and Roberta Davidson
Kenmere and Robert Davidson
Janice Davis
Jacqueline Davis
John Davis
Lisa Davis
Joseph Day
Robert and Carol Deamer
Sheriff Geoff Dean
Greg and Sarah DelVecchio
Wolf Breiman and Debbie Diamond
Elzbet Diaz de Leon
Mary Carrol Dietz
Susan and Allen Dirrim
Dr. Robert Dodge
Joan Dodge
Steven Dodge
Noel Douglas
Christine Dowell
Peter and Diane Dowler
Alan Doyle
Amy Dozier
Kara Duckworth
Dr. Thomas Duncan
Tom and Kathy Dunlop
Robert and Janice Dushane
Dennis and Jane Dwire
Patricia Ebener
Frank and Vickie Eick
Sy Einstoss
Dorothy Elchoness
Bertha Ellison
Jack Ellison
Steven Elson
Dan and Rae Emmett
Dr. Glenn and Kassy Erickson
George Erskin
Roger and Pat Essicks
Jim and Kim Exon
Michael and Stephanie Farris
Bill and Kate Faulkner
Dr. Ray Faulstich
Kate and Lloyd Fellows
Dick and Katy Felton
Jim and Sonia Fenwick
Ria Fidler
Barbara Fitzgerald
Anne Fitzgerald
Betty Florentine
Susan Flores
Terry Foley
Drew Fontaine
Jill Forman
Rebecca Fox
Dr. Robert and Debbie Fraisse
James Frandsen
John and Patricia Franklin
Tom Friedman
Former Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton
Robert and Deidre Gallagher
Carol Garramone
Dr. Robert Garrison
Terry Gibson
Kay GiIes
Joe Gillick
Bob and Betty Gips
William Girvetz
Dale and Patty Givner
Patsy and Harold Glenn
Mike Gold
Janet and Joel Goldberg
Dr. Thomas and Debbie Golden
Peter and Diane Goldenring
Herbert Goldman
David Goldstein
Michael Gollub
Dr. Delia Gorey
Helene Gordon
Gary and Val Gray
Melvin and Estelle Greenblatt
Carolyn Greene
Roderick and Joyce Greene
Tobi Jo Greene
David and Judith Greenstate
Leila Gregory-Browne
Linda and Roger Grey
Margot Griswold
Judith and Andrew Gustafson
David and Sally Hackel
Mary and Matthew Haffner
Larry and Maj Hagman
Maureen Hannah
Marty and Niki Harder
Wyatt and Claudia Harris
Kevin and Theresa Hartigan
Larry and Pat Hartman
Madeleine Herrle
Richard Henniger
Michelle Henson
Mark Herzer
Elaine Herzog
Bill Hicks
Sharon Hillbrant
Tom and Jenny Hinkle
David Hirsch
Winnie Hirsch
Rabbi Lisa Hochberg-Miller
Lynn and Clyde Hofflund
Kim and John Hoj
Rachael Hooper
C. Flager Horn
Rikki Horne
Diane and Clark Hubbard
Richard Hunt
Ruby Imgrund
Matt and Ann Inman
Jim and Susan Jackson
Hannah-Beth Jackson
Alan and Janet Jacobs
Mike Jauregui
Graham and Anita Jefferies
Patricia and Scott Johnson
Mindy and Jay Johnson
Gordon and Suzanne Johnston
Glenda Jones
Tom and Rose Jones
Dr. Joni Jordan
Steve Jung
Lynne Kada
Larry Keller
Joan Kemper
Barbara and John Kerkhoff
Deborah Kerner
Lillian and Taras Kiceniuk
Margaret and John Kirnig
Leonard Klaif
Noel and Pam Klebaum
Brenda and Malcom Knight
Persis Knobbe
Joy Kobayashi
Diana Koranda
Ed Krasner
Karen Kraus
Elise Kroeber
Judi Kroeger
Mike and Nancy Krumpschmidt
Marvin Kwit
Jordon and Sandra Laby
Hank and Leya Lacayo
Ed and Susan Lacey
Lucien Lacour
Alex and Terri Laine
Gary Lairmore
Jonathan Lambert
Debbie La’O
Kate Larramendy
Matt and Alicia LaVere
Marty and MaryAnn LaVere
Dr. Fran and Kate Larsen
Wendy Lasher
Muriel Lavender
Claudette Lemay
Jeff and Kasey Lennon
Irene and Howard Level
Isabel and Bernard Levitt
Jon Lewis
Linda and Jim Lian
Dr. Robert Liberman
Carol Lindberg
Geri Loe
Dorothy Loebl
Dr. Geoff and Nancy Loman
Velma Lomax
Beth Lombard
Daniel Long
John Long
Patricia Longo
Brenda and James Loree
Z. John Lu
Claudia Lurie
Bruce and Delia MacDonald
Miriam and Darryl Mack
Peter Madnick
Paul and Christine Magie
Stephen and Ann Magoon
Norma and Mark Maidel
Nancy Main
Patricia Maki
Tim and Pat Malloy
Larry Manson
Michael Mariani
Art and Jean Marshall
Manuel Marquez
Jill Martinez
Jerry Maryniuk
Patricia Matthews
Michael Mayer
Abel and Lidia Mayorga
Ed and Nell McCombs
Roger McDivitt
Kate McLean
Pat and Julie McPherson
Hugh and Marcie McTernan
Lora McWhirther
Stuart Meiklejohn
Barbara Meister
Chuck & Candy Menzel
Dr. Pauline Mercado
Nancy Merrick
Michael Meros
Richard Messina
Gil Michaels
Bill and Cookie Miley
Howard Miller
Stephen Mitnick
James Mizaur
Dr. Leo and Vieno Molitor
Former Port Hueneme Mayor Maricela Morales
Ventura Councilmember Carl Morehouse
Margaret Morris
Tren Morris
Bill Moses
Gabrielle Muratori
Isabella Muscarella
John and Jessica Nava
Nancy Nazario
Riley Neel
Steven and Caroline Nicolaides
Jane Niehaus-Tull
Sonia Nordenson
Dr. Kristen Nugent
Jean Nussman
Jo and Byron O’Connell
Mary Ann O’Connor
Dr. Robert and Sheri O’Hollaren
Nancy and Larry Older
Carol and Lee Olson
Sue Olson
Joe and Alison O’Neil
Cheri Orgel
Dolores Ostrander
Judith Owen
George and Ruth Owens
Deanna Owens
Barbara and John Paharik
Jonathan and Marilyn Palo
Supervisor Linda Parks
Janice and Allen Parkhurst
Chris Paszty
Katherine Patton
Laura and Bill Peck
Patrick and Diane Perkins
Rain Perry
Joyce Peters
Crystal and John Peterson
Ron and Linda Phillips
Jeri Philbrick
Oxnard City Councilmember Irene Pinkard
Paula Powers
Clyde Pratt
James Procter
Michael Pullman
Dr. William and Joan Purdom
Betsy Quinn
Neil Quinn
Shirley Radding
Linus Raibys
Sheila Raives
Oxnard City Councilmember Carmen Ramírez
Javier and Marisol Ramírez
Lucianne Ranni
Suzy and Chris Reinhart
E.J. Remson
Kathy Richards
Steve Riley
Scott Ripple
Ernie and Julie Rischar
Thomas Ritch
Marty and Tom Robinson
Colleen Robles
Brian Rocheleau
Duane Rodgers
Cliff and Karen Rodrigues
Murray Rosenbluth
Fred and Gail Rosenmund
Jim Roth
Peggy Rothschild
Cindy Rowton
Joseph Rund
Emma Rush
John and Peggy Russell
Louise Sandbaus
Sandra Sanders
Sonia Sandomer
Donna Santo
Michael Shapiro
Patricia Scharch
Karen Schmidt
Bruce Schoppe
Patricia Schultz
Jerry and Ruth Schwartz
Laurie Schwartz
Bill Sechrest
Bill and Jill Shanbrom
David and Mary Shea
Nancy Sieh
Dr. Daniel Silver
Bill Slaughter
Marianne Slaughter
Bruce Smith
Ojai City Councilmember Carol Smith
Kathi Smith
Jack and Marilyn Smith
Cynthia and James Snell
Jane Spiller
Dr. Joseph and Mary Spirito
Charles Spraggins
Marc Stein
Sylvia Taylor Stein
Lori Steinhauer
Mindee and Ted Stekkinger
Mary Rita Stewart
Ojai City Councilmember Carlon Strobel
John Stone
S. Stone
Dr. Hank and Sue Stoutz
Hall Stratton
Michael Sullivan
Al and Mary Surwin
Bob and Barbara Swanson
Kevin Sweeney
Bill and Elizabeth Tallakson
Linda Taylor
Dale Thacher
Shirley Thayer
Gregory Thayer
Carl Thelander
Yvonne Theriault
Lori Thoreson
Wilda Tipton
Former Oxnard Mayor Jane Tolmach
Gail Topping
Eleanor Torres
Sharon Troll
David and Mary Trudeau
Rachel Ulrich
Ken and Mary Beth Umholtz
Diane Underhill
Arthur and Judy Vander
Wendy Varian
Sabrina Venskus
Debra Ventura
Les Vielbig
Terry Viele
Louis and Rosemary Vigorita
Carolyn and Gilbert Vondriska
Christine Voth
George Vye
Esther and Thomas Wachtell
Sandy and Madeleine Waddell
Brendalie Acosta Walker
Douglas Walker
Jacqueline Walker
Sinclair Wall
Barbara and Frederic Washburn
Laurie Walters
Richard Waxberg
Leone and Guy Webster
Lynn Weeks
Ed and Val Wehan
Patricia Weinberger
Tom and Kerry Weisel
Rodney Weldon
Susan L. Wells
Thayne Whipple
JB White
Joyce White
Phil White
Bruce and Christine Will
Assemblymember Das Williams
Gerry Williams
Tex Williams
Sue Williamson
Minda Wilson
Richard Wilson
David and Judy Wittig
Terri and Tim Wolfe
Keith York
Mitch Yount
Wendy and Mark Zirbel
Frank and Linda Zych
Supervisor John Zaragoza
Liz and Carmi Zlotnik